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The California Department of Education (CDE), in collaboration with the UC Berkeley BEAR Center and the WestEd Center for Child & Family Studies, announces DRDPtech (2015) CLOUD. This application is designed to allow teachers, program administrators, and other designated staff to access DRDP instruments and conduct DRDP assessments online via the Internet. DRDPtech stores the data entered by teachers in a secure database and automatically produces a variety of assessment reports, both for individual children and for groups of children.

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DRDPtech User Manual


Getting Started - DRDPtech Tip Sheets


DRDPtech Reports and Guidance



Child Domain Report

child domain report

This report provides scale scores by domain for individual children.

Group Domain Report

group report

This report provides scale scores by domain for a group of children and has the number of children at each level in the domain. This report can be pulled for a class, for an agency, or for a specific group of children, such as four year olds who had ELD measures completed.

Review Ratings

This Review Ratings report shows which DRDP measures have been rated for an individual child so far during the current observation and assessment. Measure names appear down the left side, in the same order as in the DRDP. Developmental level names appear across the top. A (☀) symbol indicates the developmental level rated for the measure.

A (☀▶) symbol indicates that the level was rated and that the box for "Child is emerging to the next level" was also marked. A row with no symbol means the child has not yet been assessed for that measure or that "Unable to rate" was marked.

Rating Completion Report by Teacher
raing completion

The Rating Completion Report by Teacher allows administrators to view the statistics on the ratings that have been completed by teachers for the current rating period. This is for administrators to use to view if teachers have completed the assessment.

Child Progress Report
Available now

Individual Child Progress this year

The Child Progress Report provides a child’s progress using scale scores by domain over two rating periods in the same year within a single age-group instrument. Ratings are grouped by domain.

Group Progress Report
Available now

group progress

The Group Progress Report shows the overall level of development in each of the separate domains measured by the DRDP assessment for the same group of children, in the same set of age groups, over a period of time.
Group Detail Report
Available now
 group detail
The Group Detail Report provides percent by measure for each development level for agency planning purposes or agency reporting purposes.
Class Detail Report
Available nowclass detail
The Class Detail Report provides names by measure for each development level for teacher planning purposes.
Detailed Child Report
Available May 2017
Parent Report
Available 2017
The Parent Report is a summary report for parent conferences that includes Child Progress over time. It includes graphics and descriptors to show the child’s rating and additional descriptive information about the child’s progress.
Group Progress Reports over Multiple Years
Available 2017
The Group Progress Reports over multiple years show group progress over multiple years with different groups of children.


DRDPtech Training

  • Onsite DRDPtech trainings: Find information about and request a training at your site DRDPtech Onsite Training Request Form  PDF; 57KB
  • Free Webinars: The DRDPtech Webinar provides a general overview of DRDPtech including how to rate measures and run reports. (Note: The same information is presented in all DRDPtech webinars.)

Register now for DRDPtech!

Early Education and Support Division (EESD)-funded agencies or school districts may obtain a DRDPtech CLOUD account by submitting a completed Agency Identification worksheet by an authorized person that includes the agency vendor code or the district CDS code via the Upload link below. DRDPtech will contact the executive director of the agency to verify the authorized agency representative to administer the agency’s DRDPtech account.

An End User License Agreement (EULA) is also required to create an account on DRDPtech. The EULA must be signed by the appropriate representative and may be uploaded below:


Upload Agency ID worksheet & signed EULA form» upload

For further assistance uploading forms, please email drdptech@wested.org


Setting Up Your DRDPtech Account

Once signed EULA and verification are received, the DRDPtech team will assign login credentials. The login information (URL link, user name, and password) for the agency or district DRDPtech account will be emailed to the representative within two weeks. This email will include instructions for creating individual DRDPtech accounts for the teachers within the agency or district who will be using DRDPtech to assess the children in the classroom.


Content Import File Templates to Upload

Conditional Measures for PD-HLTH and Uploading into DRDPtech.

Please Note:  Currently DRDPtech offers no conditional measure option in the PD-HLTH domain. When uploading ratings using the Excel template, please delete/remove any "C" ratings on the PD-HLTH domain from the Excel template and leave blank. This will prevent errors when uploading the information.

In DRDPtech, teachers can leave measures blank that are not being rated for preschool-age children. Programs can lock records with missing data as long as the required Fundamental View measures are rated and completed. The conditional measures and the additional Comprehensive View domains and measures in DRDPtech may be left blank. The records may still be locked.

There are 10 conditional measures in the Comprehensive View: ATL-REG 1,2,3, and COG 1, ELD 1-4, and PD-HLTH 7 and 8. All but PDHLTH 7 and 8 can be marked conditional. Please leave those blank if unrated.

There are 13 conditional measures in the Fundamental View: ATL-REG 1,2,3, and COG 1, ELD 1-4, and PD-HLTH 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10. All conditional measures except PD-HLTH can be marked conditional. Please leave PD-HLTH blank if they are not marked.

All conditional measures, other than the ELD measures, must be completed for children with IEPs. The ELD measures should be completed for children with IEPs if a language other than English is spoken in the child's home.


Upload Records for Enrollment

  • Upload Records for Enrollment
    The option Upload Records For Enrollment allows you to create and add new child records in the current rating period. Use this DRDP template to enter new child information with or without ratings. DRDPtech Upload Template XLSX; Sample DRDP Template No Ratings XLSX
  • Upload Records for Enrollment with Ratings
    To include ratings in the upload, check the Include Ratings checkbox before uploading. Remember that only children who do not exist in the current rating period can be uploaded using this option: DRDPtech Upload Template XLXS; Sample DRDP Template With Ratings XLSX
  • Upload Records using the DRDP (2015) Preschool Fundamental View Excel Template: For your convenience, this optional template simply marks measures that are not in the Preschool Fundamental View as complete. When teachers go to rate, they will only see the fundamental view measures. DRDP (2015) Preschool Fundamental View Excel Template
  1. Download the template above. (You will notice a "u" and "none" on the measures that don't need to be rated. - please do not remove this information)
  2. Complete the child information as you see in the template (Child's name, teacher email address, agency, site etc.) This information can also be copy/pasted from and exported data file.
  3. Once all the information is completed, here are the steps to upload the excel template into DRDPtech.
  4. Login: www.drdptech.org   
  5. Look at the top right corner of the screen for correct rating period
  6. In the navigation bar select the following:

            Other Options
            Upload DRDP records
            Upload Records for Updating (replacing)
            Check the box "Include Ratings
            Upload now

  7. Once the excel template is uploaded, select the tab: “Input DRDP ratings”, then “Instrument View”, to verify the measures are filled in correctly.

  • Upload User Information and Import It Using the users_upload_template.txt Template File: users_upload_template.txt To download the users_upload_template.txt template file, right click on the link and select the appropriate option. File should be saved as a .txt.
  • Send registration email to users
  • Upload User information here in CSV (Comma Separated Value) format.

Fee Structure

DRDPtech is available free of charge for agencies funded by CDE’s Early Education & Support Division (EESD), California Head Start programs,California tribal CCDF and Head Start programs, California K-12 school districts, California Community Colleges, California State Universities, and University of California campuses.

For other California-based agencies, the cost for DRDPtech varies depending upon type and size of agency. A flat yearly fee of $50 applies to CA family child care homes. For other CA agencies, the rate is $300 per year for an enrollment up to 200, with an additional $2.00 fee per child over the 200 mark. For out- of-state agency pricing or for additional information, please contact WestEd at 1-800-770-6339.

Agency Number of Children  Cost per Year
Other CA agencies  < 200 $300
  > 200 $300 plus $2.00 per additional child over the 200 mark
Family Child Care Homes in CA  N/A $50 flat fee
Other agencies outside CA   Please contact WestEd 


For assistance, please contact WestEd at 800-770-6339 or drdptech@wested.org



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