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This page provides links to training materials used in trainings presented by the Desired Results Training and Technical Assistance Project.

Desired Results Regional Training Materials 2019-20

The Desired Results Regional Training 2019-20 materials below are for programs to use in training staff on the Desired Results system. Each section is one chapter of the training binder that participants received, and compiled of presentations, trainer notes, activities, and handouts.

New Administrators Online Presentation PPT

Overview (OV)- lavender section 2019-20

Program Guidelines 2019-20

Desired Results Developmental Profile - pink section 2019-20

Parent Survey (PS) - yellow section 2019-20

Environmental Rating Scale (ERS) - green section 2019-20

Resources (RES) - beige section 2019-20

Desired Results Regional Training Academic Credit (available Spring 2020)

For California Department of Education (CDE), Early Learning and Care Division (ELCD) Annual Report requirements and forms, please visit the Forms/Program Self Evaluation page.

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