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The following interactions and strategies from the California Preschool Curriculum Framework, Volume 1, pp. 198-199, (CDE, 2010)support dual language learners in building speaking skills:

Learn how to pronounce each child’s name as accurately as possible.

Learn some key words or phrases in each child’s home language.

Repeat common phrases slowly and clearly.

Allow the child to start slowly.

Allow for wait time.

Scaffold communication.

Be thoughtful about helping children understand what words mean.

Plan for vocabulary development.

Expand and extend the child’s language.

Create small groups for book reading.

Ask a family member or knowledgable community resource to share appropriate social conventions for the child’s language and culture.

Observe the child for cues during drop off and pick up.

During circle time, or small group time, talk to child about the different ways they greet adults and other children in their family.

Listen appreciatively to child’s stories.

Ask open-ended questions and sustain the conversation over a number of turns.

Help children understand idioms.

Provide materials that stimulate talking or oral narratives.

Provide wordless picture books.

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