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ATL-REG 5: Self-Control of Feelings and Behavior

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Definition: Child increasingly develops strategies for regulating feelings and behavior, becoming less reliant on adult guidance over time

alt-reg measure5

View examples of the developmental levels for ATL-REG Measure 5 below: Responding Earlier, Responding Later, Exploring Earlier, Exploring Later, Building Earlier, Buidling Middle, Building Later, Integrating Earlier



Note: For young children, learning is an integrated experience. The examples below may include multiple areas of learning and development.

Responding Earlieratl-cog 5 responding earlier

Responding LaterATL COG 5 responding later


Exploring EarlierATLCOG 5 exploring earlier


Exploring LaterATL COG 5 exploring later


Building EarlierATL COG 5 building earlier


Building MiddleATL COG 5 Building Earlier

Building LaterATL COG 5 Building later


Integrating EarlierATL COG 5 integrating Earlier


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