One-hour webinars are conducted via Zoom—an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing and chat.  Once you have registered for a webinar, a confirmation email is sent with instructions to join the meeting.  All webinars qualify for professional growth hours through the California Early Care and Education Workforce RegistryTo receive professional growth hours, please use the workforce registry link in the webinar confirmation email at least 24 hours before the webinar. The California Workforce Registry no longer accepts registration after the webinar has occurred.

Data and Understanding Reports in DRDP Online—Review DRDP Online reports, how to pull reports, and guidance on analyzing the data. Please download these documents before the webinar:  Child Report Guidance PDF | Group Report Guidance PDF |  Sample Parent Report

DRDP Online Dashboard—Explore the new dashboard feature and view all information at a glance.

DRDP Online for Administrators—Learn how to prepare the DRDP Online system for the upcoming rating period. We will explain the new features (dashboards, customized views, etc.) that improve functionality and ease of use.

DRDP Online for Teachers: How to Input Ratings—Review how teachers can view their classes in the data system and input DRDP ratings. Please download this document before the webinar: Getting Started for Teachers PDF

Integrated Observation Portfolio in DRDP Online—DRDP Portfolio and DRDP Online are now in one system! Teachers can collect documentation, print a portfolio, and rate the measures ALL in DRDP Online. Join us to learn all about this new feature.

Managing Child Enrollment in DRDP OnlineA new year and a new DRDP Online system!  Discover how to move children across agencies, sites, and classrooms.

Reassigning Classes in DRDP Online—An administrator must assign classrooms to the new rating period. (There is no need to create another classroom if you are re-enrolling an existing classroom.) Join this one-hour webinar to learn how to re-assign classes.

Transfer or Re-enroll Children in DRDP Online

Upload Templates In DRDP OnlineLearn how DRDP Online administrators and data entry analysts can upload mass quantities of users, classes, and children into the DRDP Online system.

Views of the DRDP Assessment and Custom Views in DRDP Online- Which view of the assessment is your agency using - comprehensive, fundamental, or essential?  In this webinar, DRDP Online Lead Agency Administrators learn how to select, lock, and create custom views for their agency.

Analyzing DRDP Data and Completing the Program Summary of FindingsAfter entering spring ratings, administrators can review DRDP data for program modifications. Administrators analyze the DRDP data for areas of strength or needing improvement. Gain insight into which reports are most helpful for this task and how to document an inclusive plan for administrators, staff, and families that supports children's learning and development.


Ask the Expert—Bring your questions about the Desired Results process (observation, the assessment, DRDP Online).

DRDP and Parent ConferencesReview strategies for planning a positive conference experience. Topics include the DRDP Online Parent Report, Child Developmental Progress Report, and how best to use these documents together. Learn strategies for planning a successful parent conference built on relationships and supporting children's learning and development. Child Developmental Progress form (English and Spanish)  |  Sample Child Developmental Progress form (English and Spanish)

  • June 5 at 5:00 p.m. Register - Conducted in Spanish

DRDP for Family Child Care Providers—This session is designed specifically for family child care providers who are new to the DRDP. Network with other family child care providers as we discuss the power of the DRDP in the home setting, soft start options for implementation, and free, easy-to-use resources.

DRDP for School Age ProgramsThis webinar will review the DRDP basics of the DRDP School Age Assessment, including the assessment layout, how to complete it, and the resources available to support teachers.

Engaging Families/Parent Survey

Environment Rating Scales (ERS)Review the connections between the DRDP assessment and the Environment Rating Scales. Also, share resources to support the implementation of the Environment Rating Scales. Please download this document before the webinar: The DRDP and the Environment Rating Scales  PDF

Family Child Care and Mixed-Age Webinar -This session is designed specifically for family child care providers. Network with other family child care providers to discuss the benefits of working with mixed age groups, curriculum planning, and DRDP. Free, easy-to-use resources will be available.  Please download the following handouts before this webinar.  A Blooming OrangePITC Curriculum Planning Tool Part 1,  PITC Curriculum Planning Tool Part 2

Observation and CollectionReview essential tips for observing in the classroom, including strategies for remote collection of documentation for DRDP.  Also, discuss the importance of family partnership for gathering meaningful information about children's development. Collection and organization of the documentation are essential!  Resource Document |  Intro -17 |  Resource Document Spanish

Program Self EvaluationAre you a program administrator preparing to write and submit your yearly Program Self Evaluation to CDSS or CDE? If yes, this webinar is for you. Join us to review requirements, resources, and instructions on completing and submitting your Program Self-Evaluation.

Summary of Findings—Review the process of completing the Classroom Summary of Findings using DRDP Online group reports. EED 3900 Summary of Findings Sample  Questions for Reflection  Resource: PPT Handout

Using Frameworks to Plan—Dive into the curriculum frameworks! Review classroom data and create a lesson plan using strategies from the curriculum framework to modify the environment, teacher strategies, and more. PPT handout

California Early Childhood Online (CECO) provides free training modules on multiple topics, including the DRDP and the Integrated Nature of Learning. Access comprehensive resources in one centralized location to meet the ever-changing needs of the early childhood field. Join a virtual tour of how to sign up as a new user and view available modules.

  • June 11 at 5:00 p.m. Register - Conducted in Spanish
  • June 13 at 6:00 p.m. Register

DRDP Online: How to use DRDP Online Reporting Tools to Inform Classroom Practice —Discuss strategies to connect findings in the DRDP Online reports to classroom-level planning for individuals and groups. PPT HO

Family Partnerships and Culture:  Reflect and Learn First, Teach Second

Play, Reflection, and Curriculum, All Working Together in the Same Sandbox 

  • June 6 at 5:00 p.m. Register - Conducted in Spanish

The Powerful Role of Play —Through reading and discussion, discover the purpose of the publication, The Powerful Role of Play in Early Education.

DRDP Online Onsite Training
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Transcripts Available
Live transcripts for webinars are available upon request with prior notice. Please get in touch with desiredresults@wested.orgdesiredresults@wested.org for assistance or call 1-800-770-6339.