Desired Results for Children and Families

Research shows that children who attend high quality programs are more successful in school, have lower drop out rates, and are better readers. The California Department of Education (CDE), Early Education and Support Division (EESD), has established the Desired Results System to improve program quality in early care and education programs across the state.
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DRDP Online Updates

What's New?

Based on your valuable feedback, we recently launched DRDP Online, the new and improved platform for the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP). DRDP Online, formerly DRDPtech, includes many usability and structural improvements and new features, such as the ability to select:

  • Additional roles
  • Multiple roles, above and beyond three, for individual users
  • Multiple teachers assigned to one class
  • Multiple sites to be added for individual users
  • The view (Fundamental, Essential, Snapshot) for each age level so teachers only see the measures they are required to rate, thus streamlining the process

In addition to selection features, DRDP Online provides:

  • The ability to assign children to a different class or site with ratings intact
  • Increased capacity by changing the way data are searched and how reports are run
  • Data for secondary analysis by allowing the export of the scaled scores for an agency
  • Improved data integrity, limiting child enrollment functions to administrators

What's Next?

We are continually improving DRDP Online to meet your needs. Here's what to expect in coming months!

  • Improvements to the upload process (e.g., adding classes in bulk, updating children vs. adding new children)
  • New reports: teacher planning report, administrator report allowing you to choose multiple criteria for display on one-page, fillable Parent Report
  • Editable rating periods (for Lead Agency Administrators)
  • Ability to share select children with an affiliate agency, such as Head Start, that needs the information for reporting and program improvement
  • Completion date visible on the child rating information page
  • Data export for raw data and scaled scores
  • Administrator overview page to quickly view classes, number of children, and assigned teachers for the agency or site
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  • DRDP OnlineA new user interface for DRDPtech is now available. Find new upload templates on the DRDP Online Resources web page
  • New! DRDP (2015) Essential Views. The Essential View focuses on selected measures within the following domains: Approaches to Learning (ATL-REG),  Social Emotional Development (SED), Language and Literacy Development (LLD), English Language Development (ELD), as required, Cognition - Math (COG-MATH) and Physical Development (PD).
  • California Early Childhood Online (CECO) Rater Certification Module is ready for use by all early childhood educators! Read more»


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