DRDP Licensed Vendors

DRDP Online is California's data system for the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP). It is designed for teachers, program administrators, and other designated staff to access DRDP instruments and complete assessments online. DRDP Online stores child data in a secure database and produces a variety of assessment reports to support quality improvement for individual children and groups of children across California.

The CDSS and CDE recognize that some early care programs may utilize licensed vendors to help manage various data, including DRDP data. Licensed vendors may facilitate the collection of DRDP assessment observations, submit ratings for scoring, receive scaled scores, and replicate reports. All ratings collected by a licensed vendor must be submitted to DRDP Online for scoring via manual upload or API. 

Vendors listed below have completed the Vendor License Agreement process and have an active license. 


Level A

Level B

Level C

CCR Analytics C NA C
ChildPlus C C C
Hubbe C C NA
Educa C C NA
Learning Genie C C C
GoEngage C C NA
MCT Technology, Inc C NA NA

IP=In Process 
NA=Not Applicable

Vendors are licensed for one or more of the following levels:

Level A

DRDP display meets conformity to standards for replicating the assessment. Data is exported as a flat file to DRDP Online for scoring and reports.

Level B

DRDP display, observation collection, and connection of observations to the rating process meet standards for rating. DRDP data is exported as a flat file to be uploaded to DRDP Online or uploaded via the DRDP API for scoring and reports.

Level C

DRDP Online replicated reports meet conformity to standards for all reports and views by utilizing psychometric scores made available by DRDP Online. All reports conform to established standards.

Approval Process

WestEd is the authorized representative for the vendor license approval program. Vendors must complete the approval process and be licensed to use the DRDP in their application.

For vendors interested in the vendor approval process, please complete the Vendor License Agreement along with this Smartsheet information form (or copy and paste this URL: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/c4b93bf88d2a49acafee45af21756d36).


DRDP Online API Vendor Pricing PDF