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DRDP (2015) Aligned to the California Foundations

Each document below describes the correspondence between a DRDP (2015) domain and the California Infant/Toddler Learning and Development Foundations or Preschool Learning Foundations. Each document includes an opening paragraph, a correspondence table, and a list of foundations. These are described below:

  • Opening Paragraph: A paragraph that characterizes the nature of the correspondence.
  • Correspondence Table: A table provides detailed information regarding the correspondence between each measure in the relevant DRDP (2015) domain to specific foundations.
  • List of Foundations: The document closes with a list of foundations not addressed by the relevant DRDP (2015) domain.

Correspondence between the DRDP (2015) and the California Infant/Toddler Foundations

Correspondence between the DRDP (2015) and the California Preschool Foundations

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