Infant Explores Toy and Puzzle

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  1. Read video background.
  2. Watch video and record observations on Watch Me Grow worksheet.
  3. See which measures we think are reflected by the evidence!
  4. Explore additional information from the California Preschool Curriculum Framework and California Preschool Learning Foundations.

1. Video Background 

This is a 30 second clip of an infant sitting on the floor exploring the toys in front of him with the support of his teacher.

2. Watch Video: Infant Explores Toy and Puzzle

3. Measures Reflected by the Evidence 

A good piece of evidence might address multiple measures. We are not assigning a developmental level, but rather saying that this video clip could be evidence for the measures. Measures Reflected by the Evidence: Infant Explores Toy and Puzzle

4. For more information, explore California’s Infant/Toddler Curriculum Framework for information about:

Cognitive Development

Guiding Principles:

• “Relate to the child as an active meaning maker” (pp. 102-103)
•  "Provide opportunities for exploration” (p. 103)
• “Respect the child’s initiative and choice” (p. 103)
• “Allow ample time for children to make sense of experiences. (pp. 103-104)
•  “Give appropriate encouragement for problem-solving and mastery” (p. 106)

Learning Contexts

Environment and Materials
• “Provide play spaces with rich opportunities for learning”(p. 107)
• “Offer toys that support an understanding of special relationships…” (p. 109)
• “Offer toys that support cause & effect experimentation (p. 109)

• “Notice what interests each child” (p. 112)

Perceptual and Motor Development

Guiding Principles:

• “Recognize the child’s developing abilities” (p. 127)
• “Encourage self-directed movement” (pp. 127-128)
• “Be available to children as they move and explore” (p. 130)

Learning Contexts:

Environment & Materials:
• “Choose materials that support perceptual and motor development, focusing on the children’s interests …” (p. 130)
• “Offer variety in sensory and motor experiences and materials”(p. 132)

• “Provide the infant with freedom to move” (p. 133)
• “See things from the infant’s perspective” (p. 133)