Infant Shows Interest in Another Child

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  1. Read Background.
  2. Watch video and record observations on Watch Me Grow worksheet.
  3. See which measures we think are reflected by the evidence!
  4. Explore additional information from the California Preschool Curriculum Framework and California Preschool Learning Foundations.

1. Video Background 

This clip shows an infant being aware of and showing interest in another child. The child seated on the floor with his full face visible is the focus of this observation. 

2. Watch Video: Infant Shows Interest in Another Child

3. Measures Reflected by the Evidence 

A good piece of evidence might address multiple measures. We are not assigning a developmental level, but rather saying that this video clip could be evidence for the measures. Measures Reflected by the Evidence:Infant Shows Interest In Another Child

4. For more information, explore California’s Infant/Toddler Curriculum Framework for information about:

Social-Emotional Development

  • Guiding Principles: “Place relationships at the center of curriculum planning” (I/T Framework, p. 65)
  • Environments and Materials: “Arrange the environment to support peer interactions and relationships”
  • Learning Contexts
    • Interactions:“Support relationships and interactions among children in the program”(I/T Framework, p. 71)

Perceptual and Motor Development

  • Guiding Principles: “Provide a safe place for each age group.” (p. 128); “Be available to children as they move and explore” (I/T Framework, p. 130)
  • Learning Contexts:
    • Environment and Materials: “Make sure there are plenty of opportunities for movement …” (I/T Framework, p. 131)
    • Interactions: “Provide the infant with freedom to move” (p. 133); “Use common routines, activities and behaviors to allow for practice of perceptual and motor skills” (I/T Framework, p. 134)