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Video Example: Math

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  1. Read Background and Transcript.
  2. Watch video and record observations on Watch Me Grow worksheet.
  3. See which measures we think are reflected by the evidence!
  4. Explore additional information from the California Preschool Curriculum Framework and California Preschool Learning Foundations.

1. Video Background and Transcript

The little boy has been in a dual immersion program for 2 years. The boy is playing with pegs and boards with holes that have numerals on them.  He is having a conversation with an adult who is off screen. Sometimes his responses to the questions are a bit muffled. Transcript

2. Watch Video: Math

3. Measures Reflected by the Evidence 

The video clip presented is intended to address number sense, but a good piece of evidence can address multiple measures. Rather than assigning a developmental level, this video clip could be evidence for the measures. Measures Reflected by the Evidence

4. For more information, explore California’s Preschool Curriculum Framework,
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