Certified Trainer Institute

Build capacity within your agency to train teachers on the DRDP!

Certified Trainer Institute (CTI)

The Certified Trainer Institute is to certify trainers in providing the Desired Results Developmental Profile© (DRDP) teacher training. Participants must commit to completing a 10-day training program which includes prerequisites*, four classroom days, co-train with institute faculty, and pass a final certification process. Trainers who are certified will receive access to the DRDP online conference center and may provide unlimited training as part of their job duties, within their region. To maintain certification, trainers must attend all update trainings/Webinars.

Prerequisites: Observe certified trainer present DRDP and Meaningful Observation Trainings.

Date:  January 29 - February 1, 2018

Location: Alameda County Training & Education Center, 125 12th Street, Suite 400 Oakland CA 94607-6467

Cost:: $7500

Training includes all certification costs, a training kit for a teacher training of 50 participants ($5000 value), and the subscription fee for the conference center.)

Get to Know:
  • How to present material using latest adult learning strategies
  • How to deliver DRDP trainings with fidelity
  • Content and delivery for two DRDP trainings

Interested in Becoming a Desired Results Certified Trainer?

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