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DRDP Measures–How Might It Look?

When analyzing observations to determine a child’s developmental level, it may be helpful to see examples of children at a similar developmental level. The following examples may assist those just learning about the DRDP or administrators providing professional development for staff.

Choose a domain and measure below to see examples of developmental levels. An example is one of many possible ways a child might demonstrate a particular developmental level.

puzzleApproaches to LearningSelf-Regulation (ATL-REG)

ATL-REG 4: Curiosity and Initiative in Learning
ATL-REG 5: Self-Control of Feelings and Behavior

heartSocial and Emotional Development (SED)

SED 1: Identity of Self in Relationship to Others
SED 2: Social and Emotional Understanding
SED 3: Relationships and Social Interactions with Familiar Adults
SED 4: Relationships and Social Interactions with Peers
SED 5: Symbolic and Sociodramatic Play

duckLanguage and Literacy (LLD)

LLD 4: Reciprocal Communication and Conversation
LLD 5: Interest in Literacy

triangleCognition, Including Math (COG: MATH)

COG: MATH 2: Classification
COG: MATH 3: Number Sense of Quantity

globeEnglish Language Development


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