DRDP Portfolio App

DRDP (2015) Portfolio Application

The DRDP (2015) Portfolio App is now available!  The new portfolio app can be accessed from a web browser on any desktop, laptop, or tablet device.

To access the app on your desktop, laptop, iPhone, or Android device, simply go to www.drdpapp.org

Video Tutorial

DRDP (2015) Portfolio App Tutorial

View this step-by-step tutorial and learn to:
• Create an account and retrieve a forgotten password
• Set preferences and change a password
• Add groups and children to your account
• Manage group and child records
• Create anecdotal notes
• View, edit, and export child records

Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Tips

To see a list of frequently asked questions and helpful tips, download DRDP (2015) Portfolio App FAQs


Have you had a good experience with an app and would like to share?  Please email portfolioapp@wested.org and let us know what has worked for you!

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