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DRDP Portfolio App

DRDP Portfolio Application

The DRDP Portfolio app may be accessed from a web browser on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. The app has many useful new features, including: 

  • an anecdotal notes summary report that includes photos;
  • an option to select a unique set of DRDP measures for each child assigned to an anecdotal note;
  • an option to mark for each assigned measure the developmental levels an anecdotal note may be evidence for; and
  • a developmental level summary report.

To access the app on your desktop, laptop, iPhone, or other Apple or Android device, simply go to www.drdpapp.org


Video Tutorial

To register for a free DRDP Portfolio app webinar, go to www.desiredresults.us/webinars


Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Tips

To see a list of frequently asked questions and helpful tips, download DRDP Portfolio App FAQs



Have you had a good experience with an app and would like to share?  Please email portfolioapp@wested.org and let us know what has worked for you!

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