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Getting Started

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Please contact WestEd DRDP Online Customer Service at 800-770-6339, email drdponline@wested.org, or select a preferred date and time to meet with a DRDP Online customer service representative. Select the calendar icon below to schedule an appointment today!

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DRDP Online Microlearning and Tip Sheets

View the entire DRDP Online Microlearning Video Series on YouTube. 

Role Microlearning Videos Tip Sheets

Introduction to DRDP Online 
MP4 video | YouTube

Selecting Assessment View for Your Agency 
MP4 video; 2:04 | YouTube

Adding Users 
MP4 video; 3:34 | YouTube

Adding Classes
MP4 video; 4:12 | YouTube

Child Upload Templates 
MP4 video; 5:23 | YouTube

Add Information and Format Child Upload Template
MP4 video; 5:34 | YouTube

How to Upload Classes by Using the Upload Class Template
MP4 video; 2:28 | YouTube

Edit Rating Periods
MP4 video; 1:54 | YouTube

Managing Enrollment  
MP4 video; 5:23 | YouTube

Download Demographics
MP4 video; 5:23 | YouTube


Getting Started with DRDP Online Checklist PDF

Getting Started with DRDP Online for Administrators PDF 

Instructions to select the DRDP view for your agency for Lead Agency Administrators PDF

How to Review, Enter and Save DRDP Ratings PDF

Using templates to upload (add) and update child files PDF

Using template to upload users PDF

How to Lock Ratings PDF

Generating Group Reports PDF


DRDP Online Introduction for Teachers 
MOV video; 11:56 | YouTube

Conditional Measures
MP4 video; 7:39 | YouTube

How to Lock Ratings as Teacher of Record 
MP4 video; 2:54 | YouTube

How to Access the Classroom Planning Report
MP4 video; 1:54 | YouTube

Using the Desired Results Website 
MP4 video; 2:45 |  YouTube

Getting Started for Teachers PDF

How to Rate PDF

How to Review, Enter and Save DRDP Ratings PDF

Lock Ratings Teacher of Record PDF


Standard Rating Period Date Ranges 2019-20

Lead agency administrator has ability to edit default dates.

Current rating period default dates:

Rating period Start date  End date  Minimum date  Maximum date
Summer 2019  6/3/2019  8/19/2019  4/1/2019  10/31/2019
Fall 2019  8/19/2019  11/12/2019   7/1/2019  12/31/2019
Winter 2019-20  11/13/2019  2/10/2020  11/1/2019  3/31/2020
Spring 2020  3/1/2020  5/31/2020  1/1/2020  6/30/2020
Summer 2020  6/1/2020  8/18/2020  4/1/2020  10/31/2020


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Using DRDP Online to Record Assessment Data 

DRDP Online, a secure cloud application, is provided free of charge to: (1) ELCD-funded programs, (2) California Head Start programs, (3) California School Districts and County Offices of Education, (4) California Tribal Child Care and Development Fund Child Care and 5) Programs participating in Quality Counts CA. Beginning in the 2015–16 program year, ELCD-funded agencies were required to use the DRDP Online to obtain psychometrically valid reports. Use of DRDP Online will also meet the record retention requirement. This means no paper copies of the instrument are required for individual children when assessment data is stored in DRDP Online. For agencies that use commercial vendors, an Excel format has been provided so data can be uploaded into DRDP Online to take advantage of the psychometrically valid report functions.

Some vendors utilize the Excel DRDP template, but unless the data is uploaded into DRDP Online, the reports yielded are not the DRDP Online psychometrically valid reports. 

To meet the requirement above, one must demonstrate:

  • That a DRDP Online account has been created
  • That data has been uploaded into DRDP Online
  • That psychometrically valid reports (Child and/or Group Domain Report) have been generated by DRDP Online

Use of an Excel DRDP template simply shows that data has been downloaded from a system other than DRDP Online, but does not constitute psychometrically valid reports. Data input into DRDP Online meets the data retention requirements; including data used to generate psychometrically valid reports. Currently, no other data system has the DRDP psychometrically valid reports.


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  • Onsite DRDP Online trainings: Find information about and request a training at your site DRDP Online Onsite Training Request Form  PDF; 57KB
  • Free Webinars: The DRDP Online Webinar provides a general overview of DRDP Online including how to rate measures and run reports. (Note: The same information is presented in all DRDP Online webinars.)


DRDP Measures and Views

View a complete chart of the DRDP domains and measures and their corresponding views (comprehensive, fundamental, essential, snapshot and school-age) and levels (infant/toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and school-age): All DRDP Measures and Views PDF


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Content Import File Upload Templates

Upload Records

Upload and import user information with the CA DRDP Online User Upload Template.csv (Save file as a CSV file.)

  • Role = To determine role, see DRDP Online Roles and Permissions
  • Email = User's Email Address
  • Last Name =  User's Last Name
  • First Name = User's First Name
  • Personnel ID = This can be left blank
  • Site ID= School Code or School Name
  • Agency ID  = District Name or Code

Upload Records for Enrollment

The option Upload Records for Enrollment allows you to create and add new child records in the current rating period. Use these templates to enter new child information with or without ratings. Please use the appropriate template based on when you upload.

Age Level Comprehensive View (CV) Fundamental View (FV)  Essential View (EV) Snapshot  School-Age Complete View School-Age Simplified View
Infant/Toddler (IT) ITC   ITE      
Preschool (PS)




Kindergarten (K)





School Age (SA)


      SAC SAS











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DRDP Online Reports and Guidance

Report Description

Class Detail Report

class detail

The Class Detail Report provides names by measure for each development level for teacher planning purposes.

Child Report

child report

This report provides scale scores by domain for individual children.It provides a child’s progress using scale scores by domain over two rating periods in the same year within a single age-group instrument. Ratings are grouped by domain.

Group Report



This report provides scale scores by domain for a group of children and has the number of children at each level in the domain. This report can be pulled for a class, for an agency, or for a specific group of children, such as four year olds who had ELD measures completed.

Cohort Progress Reportcohort progress report


The Cohort Progress Report provides domain scale scores for a selected group of children. It also provides the ability to select a filter such as program type. The report will show all domain scaled scores for the selected group within the current year (to date).

Parent Report

DRDPtech parent report

The Parent Report is a summary report for parent conferences that includes Child Progress over time. It includes graphics and descriptors to show the child’s rating and additional descriptive information about the child’s progress. 


DRDP Online Parent Report Feedback Survey


For assistance, please contact WestEd at 800-770-6339 or DRDPOnline@wested.org

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